In May 2015 Gerard Raatgeep had an idea to create art with robots and contacted Ralph Willekes and asked if he wanted to join the project. Ralph Willekes is a software and hardware engineer and also a creative mind.

Each robot has got a different program and configuration, there are 4 robots with each a random like program and one of them is a Wi-Fi robot that will display information. Also there is 1 "dumb" sensor less robot and there is also a robot that detects colors on the painting surface.

Each robot has two powered wheels, a pump and also an accelerometer that reads x,y,z g-forces (except the "dumb" one). They can react if the robots bumps into another robot or a wall.

We are now done testing and looking for a way to display our art and you also have the possibility to buy this unique kind of art, more info will follow.

If u want to be informed when the artworks are available for sale or if u just want to contact us send us a message on contact@squaintbots.net.

The robots in action:


For any questions mail us on: contact@squaintbots.net